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Agent Judy is an artist, songwriter, performer, ritual designer, counselor, crafter, and maker of drawings and paintings in and on mixed media and in multiple dimensions. She creates photographs, poetry, fiction and essays, soundtracks, songs, and other compositions, and has been in musical projects including Engine Judy, Timitar & Agent Judy, Chelsea Clutch, and Peace Chorus. Embodying a variety of personas over time, she is now embarking on new adventures in art, which can be followed at For Agent Judy, nothing is better than a moment of flow.

CHRISTINA ALEXANDER (G-ROCK - ARTISTIC DIRECTOR, HAIR - CHORAL DIRECTOR), Christina is elated to be working on this production with so many wonderful humans.  She has been a featured performer in various theatrical and vocal performances in the United States and around the world (Thailand, Dubai, Switzerland, Kuwait, Mongolia, and others).  She can be seen onstage performing in concerts, plays, and musicals. Singing/Performing/Teaching/Directing is her vocation, but it is also her passion.  Christina is a proud member of SAG/AFTRA and Actors’ Equity Association.


Mayté is an Austin-to-Boston transplant who is incredibly grateful to be making her debut in rock musicals in the Boston Rock Opera production of HAiR! Mayté has performed as part of the Harvard Dudley Chorus, as a vocalist, keys player, and drummer with bands from Ladies Rock Camp, and can sometimes be found doing impromptu backing vocals for unsuspecting local musicians (when she's not busy trying to book them for shows at the Midway Café). The messages of peace, connectedness, and urgency for change, embedded in HAiR, resonate deeply for this rock lover-psychologist-educator, and she hopes the audience will walk away revitalized, feeling enchanted by this shared experience, and remembering that "love will steer the stars..."


Amanda Axel is very happy to be performing in one of her favorite shows with so many fun, talented people. New to Boston, this Chicago transplant is the processing archivist at Berklee College of Music. When not on stage, she loves eating, cooking, reading, and more eating.



Kameelah has had a groovy, right-on journey in music, theater, and community work. She played Ronnie and Lincoln in HAIR while studying at Cornell University. Clearly, she couldn't get enough! Boston has offered Kameelah and G-Rock Music a dynamic artistic playground. Whether it's a tribute series, industry panel or a musical, G-Rock Music has found powerful ways to impact the scene since 2012.  What's next? On November 30, Kameelah will be fronting a Doors tribute set at Brighton Music Hall. Dig? Now...gratitude: To my tribe - Christina Alexander, you got life, sister! Nia, you are the brightest star in the sky. Mom & Jamal, the dreamer in me is forever grateful.'re far out, baby!


Susan recently appeared as a vocalist in BRO's Glorious Blackstar . She began singing ensemble at the age of 8, was classically trained from the age of 14, and chucked it all because Bowie was hotter than Pavarotti. She received a call from Jodi Sussman of the Trojan Ponies in early 1991, saying a production of Jesus Christ Superstar was going into rehearsal "this Saturday" for a one-off performance at the Middle East. Here we are.


Kat Bondi is a singer, songwriter, actress, and voice-over artist. She has been performing with the Boston-based rock band, Alchemilla for more than 10 years, and is a Berklee College of Music graduate. Visit for music, photos, video, and more.


Debbie Catalano has been involved behind the scenes in the music industry for many years – as managing editor and writer for two music publications in Boston, Director of Publicity for a BMG record label, and publicist for a variety of local bands, artists, and shows – including previous Boston Rock Opera productions like 2000’s Jesus Christ Superstar… but more than anything, it’s Debbie’s passion and love for music, art, and all things creative that makes her want to help promote the arts and share it with the world, so she’s excited and grateful to be part of Boston Rock Opera’s recent “Stardust to Blackstar” and, now, HAiR!


A self-taught break dancer, Destiny Claymore has always been fascinated with the art of singing. After being a pop-locking soloist in Ballet Rox's The Urban Nutcracker she tried her hand at singing and has now performed all along the East Coast with the group Dark Matter and now with the Boston Rock Opera.


Jen D'Angora (AKA Jenny Dee) has been in the Boston music scene for over 15 years. Her main bands include The Downbeat 5, The Dents, and Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents – and she is still performing with all three. Some career highlights include opening for J. Geils and Aerosmith at Fenway Park, touring Spain, Boston Music Award for Best Female Vocalist, and opening for The Zombies, Hoodoo Gurus, The Muffs, and more.


Clinton Degan is thrilled to have one last gasp of that heady time when his scalp was full and frothy. He also keeps himself employed as a composer, arranger, guitarist, teacher, and bandleader of the sylvan rock ensemble Body English.


Matt DiMuccio is an Elementary Music Teacher in the Massachusetts Public Schools and has performed in a diversity of styles ranging from classical to hip-hop. He has been fascinated with ‘60s counterculture since an early age, so naturally he is excited to perform the keyboard parts for HAiR.


Sami is a singer and early childhood educator. Offstage, she constantly sings, dances, and learns alongside wonderful toddler students. Onstage, she was last seen as Ruthie Taylor in the Footlight Club's production of Bat Boy: The Musical. Sami would like to thank the Boston Rock Opera and this wonderful, energetic, enthusiastic, and fun-loving cast and crew. Lots of love to Mom, Jeff, Jason, Kim, Mr. Harris (saying Kemp is just too weird - sorry!), and to you for coming out tonight. Thank you!


Outside of grooming follicles in preparation for the epic rock monstrosity that is the production HAiR, Kyle stays active in the Boston music scene as both a performer and instructor. By day he runs Boston Drum Lessons, a private drum school located in Allston, MA. By night, he performs with Blue Man Group and local Sylvan Core rock powerhouses Body English.


Richie Hudson is a Fine Arts major, a graphic designer, and a musician. "A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself" - James Douglas Morrison.




Andy LeBlanc is thrilled to be collaborating with Boston Rock Opera for the very first time on a classic piece of rock history. A graduate of Salem State University with his BFA in Theatre Arts, Performance, Andy's recent performance credits include Striving Artists Theatre Company's The Comedy of Errors (Antipholus of Syracuse), Stage 284's The Little Mermaid (King Triton, Chef Louis), Salem Theatre Company's Hamlet (Bernardo), and Salem Theatre Company's The Rocky Horror Show (Eddie/Dr. Scott). As always, he would like to thank the never-ending gratitude of his mother, father, family, and closest friends for their continued support of his work in the arts, as well as the wonderful cast and crew of BRO's HAiR for all their far-out trust and sharing of passion. If anyone asks if you want to come to the Be-In, just take his word for it: Go.


Last year singer, promoter, and renaissance soul, Erica Mantone got the bright idea to resurrect the legendary Boston Rock Opera and produce a performance of her favorite rock-musical HAiR. Now her dream is coming true. Erica began studying voice at the age of 12 and obtained her BA in Music in 2003. She has performed as a soloist for classical, opera, musical theatre, jazz, blues, and rock. She has also worked in various Choral groups, collaborative projects and as a session and backing vocalist. Erica worked as a booking and promotions manager for local music scenes in Boston, Providence, and San Diego. Now she is happy and proud to begin to find her own voice as a singer songwriter. Erica is fully aware that without the myriad of music-type people, her family and friends, she would not exist as she does now. Every day she is grateful for this jigsaw puzzle of a life. And Frodo. The most amazing cat that ever lived. She genuinely has so much gratitude toward so many people that allowed this dream of HAiR to happen, that it brings her to tears.


Sandra “Sasi”  Marcelino, is an electric, exciting, multifaceted, performer and educator who maintains a lifelong passion for the cultural investigation and preservation of Afro-Caribbean traditions and folklore through theater, dance and music. With over 20 years of performance and choreography experience in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, African, Afro-Cuban, Salsa, Hip-Hop, Bomba, and Plena, Sasi collaborates with organizations around the world to train and educate in contemporary Latin and Afro-¬Caribbean lore and history through a combination of dance, music, and theater games, spoken word and that promote cultural healing and individual expression. Sasi is the founder of Tribe Rise, in which she promotes healing dialogue through dance, drumming, and meditation. She also collaborates with local artist collectives such as Metamovements, is the lead Afro Latin Instructor within Boston Ballet, performs with Raiz de Plena as a singer and percussionist, and is currently working on her own band/album.


The Moon is Earth's only permanent natural satellite. The average distance of the Moon from the Earth is 238,855 miles. The Moon is thought to have formed about 4.5 billion years ago. There are several hypotheses for its origin; the most widely accepted explanation is that the Moon formed from the debris left over after a giant impact between Earth and a Mars-sized body called Theia


Anjali Nair is a senior at Tufts University. In her free time, she likes to play guitar and write angsty punk songs. She's looking forward to graduating and having more time to perform!


Eleanor Ramsay is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Boston Rock Opera, which was originally active from 1993 to 2003. She produced and/or directed most of the company's previous productions, including BRO’s recent tribute to David Bowie, “Stardust to Blackstar.” She is thrilled to have said yes to the chance to work with such a talented and diverse cast of Boston area singers, musicians, dancers, and artists bringing this high-octane staging of HAIR to life. Eleanor is also a surface pattern designer, educator, artist, and an avid gardener.


A lover and nerd for sci-fi, anime, Muppets, World Music, A Cappella, sexy dance parties, musical theater, and of course HAiR! Joshua Rajmin is an instructor of vocal and instrumental music and ensemble coordinator at The Real School of Music in Burlington MA. Musician, actor, and performer of mask, burlesque, flow and fire arts.


Miranda Reilly is a Leo and is thrilled to be in this production of HAiR! She has been performing locally in the Boston area for many years and just received her undergraduate degree from Sarah Lawrence College in New York. She would like to thank her mother, her brother, her father, her loving boyfriend Andrew and her best friends Alex, Ben, and Allister for their incredible support!



Osvaldo L. Rivera De Jesus, AKA Ozzy, was born in Puerto Rico. He attended Boston Ballet, San Juan Ballet, and was in the Theater Club both at English High and Bunker Hill Community College. Ozzy is a former artist collaborating with MetaMovement, and has performed as a dancer with many Latin artists including Ricki Martin, Ivy Queen, Hermanos Ayala, Jowel y Randy, LPJ. He is the former founder, dancer, and choreographer for the Latin Sensation Dance Academy.


Tim Sprague took his Harvard Filmmaking education underground to make punk-inspired music and art for the last 40 years. He appeared as both musical director and as The Man in Black in Phoenix Iron Works' production of Steve Heck's Tintown, performed in a shelled-out factory in West Oakland. His ambition is to die with a cat purring on his chest.


Pete Sutton has been a long-standing member of the Boston Rock Opera, performing in Jesus Christ Superstar, Preservation, and other revues throughout its history. This marks the first time Pete is part of the BRO pit band, a role he is much more comfortable in as bass guitarist.


Jude is an LA-born, Boston-raised composer and performer who recently graduated from college with a double major in Biology and Performing Arts (Musical Theater). Past credits include lead roles in Monty Python's Spamalot, Night of the Living Dead, Xanadu, Twelfth Night, and Picasso at the Lapin Agile, as well as technical credits as director of And the World Goes 'Round and Assistant Director and Music Director of Into the Woods. Jude is humbly stoked and honored to work with G-Rock, Boston Rock Opera, and such an intensely passionate and talented tribe on this wonderful production! Much peace and love to all involved, and many thanks to those in attendance!


Lenore Tsikitas is most well known for inspiring tribal love rock revolution as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar, Mistress Squeamish in The Country Wife, and Cha-Cha DeGregorio in Grease. Born of the Vineyard Playhouse, Island Theater Workshop, Minnesingers, Ebony Singers, Bard Hall Players (and discovered at Women's Rock Rooftop Cocktails due to her luscious locks), she can be found reinventing bluesy sultry rock'n'roll, and teaching Health Yoga Life's winter YTT. Lenore is so grateful to the BRO, her friends, and family for their unwavering support and love.


Rodrigo hails from the mean streets of Rio de Janeiro, later moving to Southern California and finally Boston, MA. He has been singing his whole life (earliest performances atop his family's coffee table earned rave and unbiased reviews from his parents), and has performed in bands and theatrical productions in the Boston area over the last 18 years. Rodrigo fell in love with HAiR as a teen after catching the movie on late night cable, and identified with Berger's attitude of freedom, love, and mischief. "I'd like to say that what I do is 'character acting' in a way, but that would be cheating. I think I am 80% Berger 90% of the time anyway."



Linda Viens is a Boston-based singer/songwriter. She has been in many bands, and was a founding member of Boston Rock Opera, performing in many musical theater productions, including Sgt. Pepper, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Preservation. Linda has produced and recorded with some of Boston's finest and her current musical project is called Kingdom of Love. Prior to serving as HAiR’s costume and makeup designer, she was one of the singers in the BRO’s tribute to David Bowie this past August, “Stardust to Blackstar: The Lives of David Bowie.”


Making her acting debut with Boston Rock Opera, Shanice Washington is overjoyed to return to the stage and reunite with her passion of performing. After taking a small break from theatre to focus on education and family she is back and couldn’t be happier to be a part of such an outstanding cast and crew. Her credits include, Good Night Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet; Up the Down Staircase, and Alice in Wonderland with LSB Players


Amanda White encapsulates the spirit of rock opera by literally singing both rock and opera. Switching back and forth between fronting/playing bass in a NYC-based original rock band and singing coloratura soprano roles in grand opera, she puts her classical vocal training and eclectic tastes to versatile use. White is a Boston Rock Opera alumna, having sung in Jesus Christ Superstar in 2000 while still an undergraduate student at the Boston Conservatory. Her original music can be heard at

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