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Thank you to everyone who contributed to our IndieGoGo Campaign, where we raised almost $5,000 toward our October 21, 22, 23, 2016 production of HAIR. Contributors could pre-order t-shirts and other souvenirs with the proceeds all going toward the licensing and production expenses. Your support helped HAIR be a success. Alas, ticket sales alone can not cover the costs of presenting our musical and theatrical experiences. We remain grateful for any additional support.

2016 Donors and IndieGoGo Contributors


Linda Bates
Nancy Bates
Paula Moore
Shyamala R. Ivatury
Carol loves Erica
Joe Turner
Nancy Delaney
Jo-Anne Wyndham
Tim Sprague
John Doherty
Deb Degan
Lisa McColgan
Joshua Pickering
Rodrigo van Stoli

Pretty Things

Elizabeth A. Sanderson
Joel Simches
Kevin Campbell
Susan Chused
Jays Ma
Joanne Loomer
Nicole Berard
Henry Horenstein
Vera Lee McKee
Michael Watson
Susan Putnins
Kristen Paykowski
Janine M. Duffy
Michael Bourassa
Patricia Burke
Amanda Duffy
Amy Schneider
Bob Voges
John Surette
Debbie Catalano
Jennifer D’Angora


M. Garcia
Rusty Curtains
Christine Anderson
Helena Wang
Susan Meconi
Sami Greenberg
Janine Fay
Carolyn Kaylor
Ronni Olitsky
Maria Rice
Catherine Coleman
Julia Nahmias
Debbie Lane
Michelle Soreff-LeFrancois
Beth Fuller
Emily Flohre
Ann Marie Wright
Brian Halligan
Gary Quinton
Nancy Moon
Lindsey Gaudet
Reuben Kabel
Gina Monafo
Mayte Antelo-Ovando
Leenah Davis
Valerie Trepanier

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