Jesus Christ Superstar – 1996

Jesus Christ Superstar
Boston Rock Opera’s presentation of Jesus Christ Superstar , which had become a cult favorite, packed the Lansdowne Street Playhouse in Boston, MA for three weeks during April 1996. The show starred Gary Cherone (Extreme/Van Halen) as mysterious Jesus and Kay Hanley of Letters to Cleo brought an intensity and sensuality to the part of Mary Magdalene. The cast of thirty performers also included outstanding performances by Doug Thoms as Judas, Peter Moore as Pontius Pilate, Mick Maldonado as Ciaphas, Pat McGrath as Herod and Lynette Estes as Simon Zealotes.

1996 Show Credits | A Preview from the Boston Globe | Globe Review | Scrapbook of Images

Some Press Excerpts from the 1996 and 1994 Productions:

“A delight! Hard-hitting and somber at times, a hilarious hoot at others.”
–Jim Sullivan, Boston Globe

“A radically stripped-down version of the megamusical in terms of costumes and set design, which is part of what makes it so refreshingly contemporary …the leads are solid, dynamic and, well, more than charismatic enough to make JC Superstar shine even in the absence of glitzy pyrotechnics.”
–Matt Ashare, Boston Phoenix

“Hits the hot button on acting… Everyone in BRO approached Jesus Christ Superstar with just the right, slightly irreverent attitude.”
–Terry Byrne, Boston Herald

“The production, now in its fifth season, has grown into a musical of real power and style.”
–Tristram Lozaw, Boston Herald

“Real rock stars sing the songs with the kind of honesty and humility that breaks your heart.”
–Patti Hartigan, Boston Globe

“This was a rock musical with the accent on rock, using powerful voices, a crack band, and over-the-top acting to put it across. And it worked …a thoroughly enjoyable production.”
–Andy Smith, Providence Journal

“Truly inspired, sensationally performed, one can see this production over and over, year after year, and want to give BRO a standing ovation each
and every time.”
— Teresa Meninno, Haverhill Gazette

“Gary Cherone is a powerful and poignant “Jesus Christ Superstar” and Kay Hanley brings her sultry vocals to a funky Mary Magdalene.”
–Joyce Kulhawik, WBZ-TV News 4

“…Might as well say it: This was the role Cherone was born to play.”
–Jim Sullivan, Boston Globe