Abbey Road still rocks

From the Boston Herald

Abbey Road still rocks
Music Review/by Sarah Rodman
Friday, May 4, 2001

Abbey Road, performed by Boston Rock Opera, at Lilli’s, Somerville, last night.

The evening began, appropriately enough, with Come Together.

That is certainly the theme of this week’s concert series For the Benefit of Mr. Dee (Reprise).

Last night’s performance at Lillis of the Beatles’ classic album Abbey Road by the Boston Rock Opera was just one of 35 shows held this week to honor and benefit Boston rock scenester Mikey Dee, who was stricken by an immobilizing brainstem stroke last February. It’s the second annual installment of the event and last night’s performance by a band and cast of more than two dozen people, was a galvanizing event, made even more so by an appearance by Dee himself in his first club outing since the stroke, looking good and enjoying himself.

Sung from stem to stern with loving vigor, the show not only benefited a good cause but reminded us that before the Beatles became icons they were an amazing band.

Last night’s players included superb guitarists Mick Loce and Cathy Capozzi, who captured every stinging solo and rock vamp with aplomb. Pills frontman Corin Ashley did his best McCartney as Little Richard whooo! on a down and dirty “Oh, Darling.” “Because” was a harmonic marvel sung by a dozen-person chorus. Gene Dante led a jaunty “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” and Christine Zuffery sang lead on a hopeful “Here Comes the Sun.”

The entire company imbued the music with an obvious love but also a contagious exuberance that had the packed club singing along by album’s end.

And, in the end, the set took a poignant turn. As former Extreme/Van Halen frontman Gary Cherone sweetly intoned the lullaby “Golden Slumbers” and the entire company kicked in the majestic chorus of “Carry that Weight” the night’s purpose came back into focus.

While Dee has a heavy burden to bear, memories of this night should help him carry that weight for a long time.


Photos by Eleanor Ramsay for Boston Rock Opera — Above Peter Moore and Linda Viens sing Come Together. (Right) Gary Cherone sings Golden Slumbers.