Happiness Stan (ArtBeat 1998)

Directed by Eleanor Ramsay
Music Direction by Mick Maldonado
Choreography by Kristen Kissik

The Cast:

Peter Moore as The Storyteller
C. Moon Mullins as Stan
Kristen Kissik as The Moon
Brian Gottesman as The Fly
Kaci Carr as The Tiny Fly Voice
Lynette Estes as The Crone
T Max as Mad John
Megan Berry as The Wife
Brittanie Fletcher as The Sun

Dancers: Rachael Morales, Susan Oziemblewski
and Megan Berry

The Band:

Mick Maldonado: Guitar
Matt Thorsen: Guitar
Natasha Busse: Keyboards
Ethan Mackler: Bass
Nigel Matthews: Drums
Ken Field: Flute

Props, Masks and Costumes by Kat Mitchell, Eleanor Ramsay and Lisa McColgan