Crackpot Notion

Crackpot Notion traces the exploits of young idealistic inventor Kurt Karlok. Pressured to purse a “normal” career, Kurt gets a job at Rosetower Laboratories, a biotech/pharmaceutical company run by the unscrupulous Buzz Kemistead. There he develops Pruvil, a drug which eliminates a person’s need for the approval of others. Widespread use of Pruvil leads to the rise of a quasi-religious cult and a sinister government plot, and Kurt is drawn into a tangle of intrigue and intense self questioning.

Boston Rock Opera presented Crackpot Notion at The Lansdowne Street Playhouse in December 1995. The encore performances (the piece was originally presented in July, 1994 at the Middle East) included new material and staging and featured the songs Naked Capitalism, Pharmaceutical Approval, Is it Our Fault and Covert Operation.

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