Abbey Road

Boston Rock Opera performed the this amazing Beatles¬†recording, live in concert, as a Special Event to benefit the Mikey Dee Musician’s Trust¬†(

Featuring (vocalists): Chris Mascara, Peter Moore, Mick Maldonado, John Surette, Gary Cherone, Valerie Forgione, Linda Viens, Gene Dante, Brian Gottesman, Bleu, T Max, Corin Ashley, Christine Zuffery, Bree Greig, Paula Morris, Sally Tezlaff, Elaine O’Rourke, Judy Dombrowski, Megan Berry (the musicians): Cathy Capozzi, Mike Loce, Mick Maldonado, T Max: guitars; Joel Simches, Carol Namkoong: keyboards; Corin Ashley: Bass; Larry Dersch: Drums.