Night @ The Opera (1998)

A concert celebrating the narrative long-form song
Saturday, June 27, 1998
at The Middle East Downstairs
480 Massachusetts Ave, Central Square, Cambridge, MA

Boston Rock Opera presented this three-hour, three-act night of rock opera excerpts, works in progress and narrative song favorites to showcase the talents of many BRO company members and raise money for BRO’s future productions.

ACT ONE (9pm)Overture/It’s a Boy
(Tommy, The Who)
Mick Maldonado – Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Matt Thorsen, Chris Blue – Electric Guitar
Jim Mosher – French Horn
Kevin McKeever – Keyboards
Matt Silbert – Bass
Malcolm Travis – Drums
Lisa McColgan, Vocal
BRO Chorus – Ensemble VocalBillion Dollar Babies
Monologue/Black Widow (Alice Cooper)
Karen Martakos – Vocals
Gene Dante – Vocals
Chris Blue, Charles Hanson – Guitars
Rich Cortese – Bass
Malcolm Travis – DrumsOrdinary People (Soap Opera, The Kinks)
Mick Mondo – Starmaker/Norman
Kaci Carr – Andrea
Kevin McKeever – Keyboards
Matt Thorsen – Guitar
Dave Pace – Bass
Poppy Brodsky – Tenor Sax
Nigel Matthews – Drums
Lynette Estes, Linda Viens – Ensemble Vocal

The Gift (The Velvet Underground)
Devin McGuire – Vocal
w/ The Garage Dogs
Bill Hough, Paul Hough, Matt Hough

Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush)
a ghost story by Emily Bronte
Ticia Low – Cathy
John Ridlon – Heathcliff, Keyboard
Bill Hough – Edgar
Billy O’Brien – Guitar
Jason Redi – Bass
Mark Manczuk – Drums

Big Brother
Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family
We are the Dead
(1984, released as Diamond Dogs, David Bowie)
Peter Moore – Winston
Linda Viens – Julia
Mick Maldonado – Keyboards
Chris Blue – Electric Guitar
Chris Burrage – Bass
Nigel Matthews – Drums
BRO Chorus – Ensemble Vocal

ACT TWO (10:15pm)

Brand New Gun (Marksmen, songs by Tim Robert,
dialogue by David Geissler)
scene directed by David Geissler
Peter Moore – Norman
Ticia Low – Kate
Jim McKay – Ray
Tim Robert – John
George Hall, Tom Scanlon – Guitars
Margaret Weigel – Bass
Ethan Meyer – Drums

There’s A Doctor I’ve Found/Go to the Mirror
(Tommy, The Who)
Soylent Green (is people!)
(Soylent Green, the Rock Opera, KrebStar)
Jess Walker – Keyboards, Vocals
Rick Shaw – Guitar, Vocals
Lance Blair – Bass, Vocals
Mike Demers – Drums

The Magician’s Birthday (Uriah Heep)
Mick Mondo – Narrator/Magician
Gene Dante – Evil Sorcerer
Kaci Carr The Good Witch
BRO Chorus – The Witches
Chris Blue – The Zombie, Guitar
Matt Thorsen – Guitar
Dave Pace – Bass
Nigel Matthews – Drums
Rick Shaw – Kazoo

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia (Russel)
Lynette Estes – Lead Vocal
Matt Thorsen -Guitar
Chris Blue – Bass
Wright Maney – DrumsRun Joey Run (Perricone/Vance)
Lynette Estes – Lead Vocal
Chris Blue – Guitar
Chris Burrage – Bass
Wright Maney – Drums
Gene Dante, Karen Martakos, Lisa McColgan – vocals

Meet ‘n Greet
Where Were You Then?
(Mondo’s House of Wax, Mick Mondo)
Mick Mondo – Lead Vocal
BRO Chorus – Ensemble Vocals
Matt Thorsen, Chris Blue – Guitars
Dave Pace – Bass
Nigel Matthews- Drums

Thick as Thieves
Burning Sky
Saturday’s Kids (Setting Sons, The Jam)
Matt Thorsen – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Dave Pace – Bass
Nigel Matthews – Drums, Vocals

ACT THREE (11:45pm)

Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)
Lynette Estes – Lead Vocal
BRO Chorus – Ensemble Vocal
Mick Mondo – Conductor
Chris Blue, George Hall -Guitars
Kevin McKeever – Keyboards
Matt Silbert – Bass
Nigel Matthews – Drums

Big John
Pat McGrath – Lead Vocal
w/ The Wheelers & Dealers
BRO Chorus – voacls

Getting Better All the Time (Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles)
Pat Badger – Bass, Vocals
Mick Maldonado, Matt Thorsen – Guitars, Vocals
Nigel Matthews – Drums

Punk Meets the Godfather
The Real Me
(Quadrophenia, The Who)
Gary Cherone – Vocals
Pat Badger – Bass, Vocals
Mick Maldonado, Matt Thorsen – Guitars, Vocals
Nigel Matthews, Mike Mangini – Drums

Sweet Transvestite
(The Rocky Horror Show, Richard O’Brien)
Gene Dante – Frankenfurter
BRO Chorus – Transylvanians
Mick Maldonado, Chris Blue – Guitar
Kevin McKeever- Keyboards
Chris Burrage – Bass
Poppy Brodsky – Tenor Sax
Nigel Matthews – Drums

Alcohol (The Kinks)
Mick Mondo – Vocal, Keyboard

Money Talks (Preservation Act II, The Kinks)
Mick Mondo- Mr. Flash
Tim Robert – Spiv
BRO Chorus – Floosies and Spivs
Matt Thorsen – Guitar
Dave Pace – Bass
Kevin McKeever- Keyboards
Nigel Matthews – Drums

Production Credits:
Music Direction: Mick Maldonado
Producer: Eleanor Ramsay
Stage Manager: Melisa Dowaliby
Lighting: Harry Melanson
Sound: Mike Higgins
Dresser: Elizabeth Hope

The BRO Chorus:
Lynette Estes, Gene Dante, Karen Martakos, Peter Moore, Linda Viens,Kaci Carr, Rick Shaw, Lisa McColgan, Tim Robert, Eleanor Ramsay, Ticia Low, Jess Walker

Special Thanks: The Massachusetts College of Art; Rick McDermott; Joe Gallo; Jane Bulger; Chachi and WBCN