The Point!

First Night 2003 BRO performed Harry Nisson’s classic album The Point! – in concert for Boston’s First Night Festival (December 31st at the Park Plaza Castle). The homage to the classic 1971 album featured vocalists, a seven piece band, dancers and puppetry and was a tribute to Nilsson’s fable of a round headed boy born into a pointed world. Also at the Castle that night Peter Moore solo piano and former Bostonians, indie darlings The Gigolo Aunts.

Nilsson’s beloved fable tells the story of Oblio, his dog Arrow, and their adventures in the Pointless Forest. Born without a point in a land where “everything and everyone must have one,” Oblio is banished for being different. During his banishment, little Oblio realizes that since everything in the Pointless Forest, no matter how odd it might be, has a point — a reason for being — then he must have one too.

First Night Presentation: Featuring:

In The Ensemble: Mr. Curt, Ramona Silver, John Surette, Valerie Forgione, Lisa McColgan, John Whiteside, George Bonin, Stan LeRoy, C. Moon Mullins, Sally Tetzlaff and Wendi Whitsett.

The Dancers: Kristen Kissik – choreographer, Tanina Carrabotta, Rosemary Candelairo,
Jenna Hussey, Michelle Braden and Susan Fetter.

The Band: Joel Simches – keyboards, music director, Jeffrey Simmons – keyboards,
Mick Maldonado- keyboards, Joe Turner- guitar and banjo, Nate Hagee – bass,
Wright Maney – drums, percussion, Carolyn Corella – flutes, percussion and saxophone.

Costumes by Penney Pinette, Puppets by Laura McPherson
Directed by Eleanor Ramsay and John Whiteside

Dress Rehearsal
Photos by Claudia DeHaven Biddle

The Point! (outside link)
by Andy Alpern