The Rocky Horror Show

Boston Rock Opera revisited this sci-fi/horror spoof — a kinky UFO tale of sexual awakenings and forbidden fruit — for two weeks in October (1997) to raise money and awareness for The AIDS Action Committee, New England’s oldest and largest AIDS service organization.

The event, sponsored in-part by WBCN, was presented at the Massachusetts College of Art’s Tower Auditorium and entertained with an over-the-top production which also provided excellent community outreach and raised nearly $1,500.

Some Reviews (links take you to the full text)

“Ryan Landry embodied the ultimate Amazonian transvestite from hell… The crack six-piece band was another highlight. Ingeniously tucked away in a screened dungeon under the castle stairs, they achieved that elusive state of refined and raucous rock-opera grace.”
Joan Anderman — The Boston Globe

“By getting the music and spirit right the BRO crew can do the Time Warp without getting caught in a time warp”
Brett Milano — The Boston Phoenix

“The Boston Rock Opera’s 1997 presentation of “The Rocky Horror Show” had it all. And if it didn’t get you wondering where your sex life is really at then, well, drawers down to you.”
Scott Chelsy — Krave

“One of the problems of staging “The Rocky Horror Show” is that the spectre of the film always looms over it, inviting comparison of the cast’s interpretation of the roles as well as it’s design and tone. Fortunately, this production rises to the occasion…”
J.S.Hill — Bay Windows

“The show was way beyond any night club entertainment Boston has to offer. ”
–The Noise

Everyone, both musician and singer alike did a capital job…