Hereafter Party Performance Videos

Once again. BRO was privileged to have Kristina Kehrer and her awsome camera crew, Lily Bouvier and Johnny Berosh, capture our performance. While nothing can match the energy of seeing a live band, we think these get pretty close! Enjoy some excerpts from a night so jam-packed we ran out of time.
Thanks again to all the performers and the amazing audience who helped us raise $3,500 for The Children’s Room.


Heaven’s in Here
Featuring Peter Moore – Keys, Musical Director, Charles Hansen – Guitar, Chris Blue – Guitar, John Sheeran – Bass, Jim Janota – Drums
Russ Gershon – Saxophone. Singers: Melissa Gibbs, Ad Frank, John Powhida, C. Moon Mullins, Jenny Dee, Tad McKitterick, Tyra Penn

“Ashes to Ashes” ft. Peter Moore from Kristina Kehrer on Vimeo.

Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) from Kristina Kehrer on Vimeo.

“Teenage Wildlife” featuring John Powhida from Kristina Kehrer on Vimeo.

Featuring Joshua Pickering – Guitar, Musical Director, Pete Sutton – Bass, Chuck Ferreira – Drums, David Lieb – Keys, Eric Ortiz- Trumpet, Ethan Ben-Joseph – Saxophone, Singers: Sue Minichiello, Erica Mantone, Goddamn Glenn, Mayte Antelo, Tai Heatley, Melissa Gibbs, Lisa McColgan, Darren Buck, Gene Dante

“One More Try” BLUTH ft. Darren Buck from Kristina Kehrer on Vimeo.

“Father Figure” BLUTH ft. Goddamn Glenn from Kristina Kehrer on Vimeo.

Oh, Sheila!
Featuring Magen Tracy – Keys, Musical Director, Catherine Capozzi – Guitar, Danielle Miraglia – Guitar, Cat Verlicco – Bass, Tamora Gooding – Drums, Allison Sigrist – Keys Singers: Erica Mantone, Jess Collins, Nicole Marie Coogan, Gene Dante, Ali McGuirk, Tai Heatley, Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller, Linda Viens, Emily Grogan, Leesa Coyne

Boston Rock Opera on the YouTube

Gathering the TribeMiss our shows? Wish you could see one of them again?

While nothing can beat the live experience, we’ve recently shared some videos of shows we’ve done through the years and will add other productions as we get them digitized. Visit our YouTube channel to see links to videos of 1994’s Preservation and Jesus Christ Superstar, as well as a link to the October 2016 production of HAIR, and the documentary; Gathering the Tribe. 

Gathering the Tribe: A documentary produced by Kristina Kehrer (who also edited the video of our live production), followed Boston Rock Opera and G-Rock Productions as they created their 2016 production of HAIR. “A timely piece considering the election of Trump.”

Lazarus featuring Ron Murphy on lead vocal

On August 6 and 7, 2016 Boston Rock Opera reunited after a long hiatus to present a three hour tribute to David Bowie; Stardust to Blackstar. Under the arrangement and musical direction of Russ Gershon, we performed Blackstar in its entirety. In celebration of those magical nights, and in honor of David Bowie’s birthday, please enjoy Ron Murphy performing Lazarus at ONCE Ballroom, August 7, 2016.

More about Boston Rock Opera’s presentation of Stardust to Blackstar.
More Videos from the performances (BRO YouTube Playlist)


From the album Blackstar, by David Bowie

Performed and Produced by Boston Rock Opera
August 7, 2016
Once Ballroom, Somerville, MA

Arranged and Music Directed by Russ Gershon

Ron Murphy; lead vocals
Choir; Erica Mantone, Susan Barnaby, Jenna Markard, C. Moon Mullins

Russ Gershon; tenor saxophone
Melanie Howell Brooks; baritone saxophone
Phil Aiken; keys
Paul Schultheis; keys
Albino Mbie; guitar
Greg Loughman; bass
Jacques Smith Jr.; drums

Lighting by Todd Sargent
Video by James Manning