Lazarus featuring Ron Murphy on lead vocal

On August 6 and 7, 2016 Boston Rock Opera reunited after a long hiatus to present a three hour tribute to David Bowie; Stardust to Blackstar. Under the arrangement and musical direction of Russ Gershon, we performed Blackstar in its entirety. In celebration of those magical nights, and in honor of David Bowie’s birthday, please enjoy Ron Murphy performing Lazarus at ONCE Ballroom, August 7, 2016.

More about Boston Rock Opera’s presentation of Stardust to Blackstar.
More Videos from the performances (BRO YouTube Playlist)


From the album Blackstar, by David Bowie

Performed and Produced by Boston Rock Opera
August 7, 2016
Once Ballroom, Somerville, MA

Arranged and Music Directed by Russ Gershon

Ron Murphy; lead vocals
Choir; Erica Mantone, Susan Barnaby, Jenna Markard, C. Moon Mullins

Russ Gershon; tenor saxophone
Melanie Howell Brooks; baritone saxophone
Phil Aiken; keys
Paul Schultheis; keys
Albino Mbie; guitar
Greg Loughman; bass
Jacques Smith Jr.; drums

Lighting by Todd Sargent
Video by James Manning

Concert Across America September: 25th


Honored to be a part of this multi-city event.
This Sunday, Sept 25th. Somerville represents! 4-10pm.
Boston Rock Opera performs around 9pm.

We’ll perform a bit of Bowie and tease our HAIR.
With: Rod Van Stoli, Mick Mondo, Gene Dante, Kat Bondi, Jenny Dee, Erica Mantone, Melissa Gibbs, Michele Paulhus, C. Moon Mullins, Mayte Antelo, Destiny Claymore, Clinton Degan, Russ Gershon, Pete Sutton, Kyle Harris, Matthew DiMuccio!

PLUS! Abbie Barrett & Band, Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections, Matt Heaton & the Electric Heaters, HarborLights, Lily Black, Ghosts & Shadows, Angry Toddlers

And, of course, since it’s at ONCE, delicious food in the lounge.

More information:
Concert Across America Somerville

Concert Across America Main Website
350+ Concerts to End Gun Violence

Stardust to Blackstar – The Lives of David Bowie

A concert dedicated to the late great interstellar rock god.

TWO nights Only!
August 6 and 7, 2016
ONCE Ballroom, 156 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA.

Map and more information about the club and parking.

Produced by Eleanor Ramsay and Erica Mantone
Musical Direction By Mick Mondo, Russ Gershon, and Matt Sullivan

The concert begins at 8pm with Mick Mondo and his band Streaker joined by guest vocalists and space girls in a spirited performance of Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars.

Next, BRO is honored to present a live arrangement of ★ Blackstar ★ Bowie’s final opus, performed by an all star band and chorus under the direction of Either/Orchestra’s Russ Gershon. This is sure to be an incredible and emotional performance.

Then, because we think David would want us to dance and be happy, Matt Sullivan (Aquanutz, Cocked and Loaded) leads some of Boston music’s A-Listers through a raucous set featuring a hit list of some of Bowie’s best.

The evening features a variety of great performers including Peter Moore, Gene Dante, John Powhida, Phil Aiken, Albino Mbie,  Ron Murphy, Andrea Gillis, Melissa Gibbs, Linda Viens, Tyra Penn, Rod Van Stoli, Goddamn Glen. (see full list below)

A gallery of rehearsal candids | More rehearsal snapshots

Featured Musicians and Singers:

Music Director, Vocals, Guitar – Mick Mondo
Drew Townson, Guitar
Mark Cherone, Guitar
Joel Simches, Keys
Pete Sutton, Bass
Nancy Delaney, Drums
Ken Field, Sax
Carolyn Corrella, Recorder, Sax
Guest Vocals: Peter Moore, John Powhida, Goddamn Glenn, The Glow Twins (Nikki and Noelle)


Arranged and Music Directed by Russ Gershon
Russ Gershon, Sax, flute
Melanie Howell Brooks, sax, bass clarinet, flute
Phil Aiken, keys
Paul Schultheis, keys
Albino Mbie, guitar
Greg Loughman, bass
Jacques Smith Jr, drums
Vocalists and Choir: Ron Murphy, Gene Dante, Tyra Penn, Peter Moore, Albino Mbie, Linda Viens, Erica Mantone, Susan Barnaby, Jenna Markard, C. Moon Mullins

The David Bowie Allstars
aka The Thin White Diamond Dukes

Matt Sullivan, Music Director and Guitar
Clinton Degan, Guitar, Keys
Evan Dean, Bass
Ian Henchley, Drums
Russ Gershon, Sax
Featuring: John Powhida, Melissa Gibbs, Clinton Degan, Andrea Gillis, Rod Van Stoli, Gene Dante, Erica Mantone, C. Moon Mullins, Michelle Palhaus