Lazarus featuring Ron Murphy on lead vocal

On August 6 and 7, 2016 Boston Rock Opera reunited after a long hiatus to present a three hour tribute to David Bowie; Stardust to Blackstar. Under the arrangement and musical direction of Russ Gershon, we performed Blackstar in its entirety. In celebration of those magical nights, and in honor of David Bowie’s birthday, please enjoy Ron Murphy performing Lazarus at ONCE Ballroom, August 7, 2016.

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From the album Blackstar, by David Bowie

Performed and Produced by Boston Rock Opera
August 7, 2016
Once Ballroom, Somerville, MA

Arranged and Music Directed by Russ Gershon

Ron Murphy; lead vocals
Choir; Erica Mantone, Susan Barnaby, Jenna Markard, C. Moon Mullins

Russ Gershon; tenor saxophone
Melanie Howell Brooks; baritone saxophone
Phil Aiken; keys
Paul Schultheis; keys
Albino Mbie; guitar
Greg Loughman; bass
Jacques Smith Jr.; drums

Lighting by Todd Sargent
Video by James Manning